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Soundtrack of Life is the music I play when no one is listening. 

Light a candle. Put on your headphones. Turn out the lights. Relax and breathe…


 It is his passion for music where he truly shines. From a very young age Chris has had a love of music and has freely given of his time to share his talent with others. He has been an invaluable member of countless bands, trios, duos and has also performed solo. His versatility has enabled him to perform at a diverse range of shows supporting Inverell artists including the Tamworth Country Music Festival, Folk Festivals, Blues festivals and popular music gigs around the region and interstate. This man has also toured the country as a sound technician and has mixed for the likes of James Morrison, Timomatic, Australian Navy Band and the Beatnix, plus countless events in the Inverell Shire and throughout the region. 

Chris began tutoring music in 1996 and his expertise, guidance and talent have seen him sort after in a mentor role with professional musicians and performing artists including Melanie Dyer, Megan Longhurst and Brother Fox to name but a few. He continually encourages young and experienced musicians, providing opportunities and advice in their pursuits. Has a rapport with young musicians that enables him to bring out the best of their talents. He has worked with many young performers over time to help them hone their craft and gain confidence to perform in front of a crowd. He worked with both Melanie Dyer and Megan Longhurst in their successful audition process for The Voice. Melanie attracted a recording contract from the experience. 

As a songwriter, he has assisted young Inverell artists to write original material and recorded and produced albums on their behalf. He co-writes with a diverse range of artists and has recorded and produced his own original albums in the process. 

He now coordinates the Joey’s Oz World Music Tours taking artists to Germany with Heinrich Haussler, providing another opportunity for local musicians they would otherwise only dream about.

There are very few local events where this man is not involved in some form. Whether he is there to provide sound and lighting support, accompany artists in their performance, perform in his own right, or teach others the skills needed to produce a successful show, he is an invaluable contributor and freely donates his time to ensure the show goes on.


Recorded and produced 
by Chris Richter

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Chris Richter

Musicians, producer, composer
NSW, Australia