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How to Play: Guitar Edition

For most learners to make noticeable progress,
practicing at 30 minutes per day, it would take four years to see those results.


I think not! My guitar course will have you seeing results in 10 WEEKS!

Start now and get 2 FREE guitar lessons. An introduction to everything you need to know when starting your guitar journey.

Save Money!   Save Time!   Learn the Essentials!   Get Support!   PLAY GUITAR!

With Learn To Play Guitar you will be:

#1 Saving money – No more paying for weekly guitar lessons, paying for fuel to drive you to and from lessons and no more having to buy book upon book of “classic guitar songs” that your teacher insists you buy. 

 #2 Saving Time – You no longer have to sit in a guitar class or lesson bored out of your mind because you can’t focus. Access this course when YOU are ready, when YOU have the time and when YOU have the motivation and drive to get it done. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you will have access to your guitar course for life.

 #3 Learning the essentials – No messing around with unnecessary techniques or preaching “you have to play like this”. Everyone plays guitar differently and this is a space for you to discover what your style is as soon as possible.

 #4 Getting the best support – I will support you every step of the way. You have a question? You’re confused about a skill or technique? No problem, send me an email, message me on facebook or instagram, contact me through the course. I have your back, your progress is my priority. I want to help you be your best. 

 #5 PLAYING GUITAR – You will be playing songs on your guitar AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Our aim is to get you to a place where playing a song is as easy as saying 1 2 3. 


Student Testimonials

  • This class exceeded my expectations!
  •  I recommend it for Beginner Levels.

very easy to follow instructions

Jake B

I am enjoying these lessons… These lessons concentrate on chords more i think…. the exercises are pleasurable….the small tips given during his talks are helpful (e.g, position of thumb when playing chord). I am still at week 5 of the class… so far so good 🙂

Amar S

Brilliant class. Thank you so much Chris. Your class well and truly exceeded my expectations. Very practical and helpful and most importantly, not intimidating as many classes on songwriting can be.

Zoe V

I wish he spoke a little bit faster but that’s just because I’m not a total beginner to the guitar. I like how he doesn’t make the classes too hard but not too easy. His classes are also very engaging

Bee S

I had been feeling down because I didn’t get music theory, but this class offered me just what I needed for my burgeoning songwriting practice. Thank you so much!

Patricia M

The Perks of Being a Musician

“The people you will meet and experiences you will have are far better than just the music alone.”

Learn Guitar Today! You Know You Want To!