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Christopher Richter

Musician | Song Writer | Producer | Music Educator | International Touring Artist

Albums and Singles

The following albums and singles were written, co-written, recorded or produced by Christopher Richter


Christopher is a talented multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, teacher and producer from a small country town in Northern NSW, Australia.

Christopher toured Australia when he was 18 years old with a 13 piece band and has been performing ever since.

Christopher is credited with co-writing, recording and producing four instrumental EP’s, his own instrumental album as well as credits on many singles as a songwriter, instrumentalist and producer with many talented Australian songwriters and performers.  

Christopher was a music teacher for over 9 years and has supported over 100 young artists in writing and recording their own music. Christopher has organised, sponsored and produced many musical events, productions and performances to encourage and support Australian musicians and songwriters over the last 20 years. Many of these musicians have gone on to run their own music businesses, tour, record and become professional musicians in their own right.

In 2017 Christopher was instrumental in organising the music team for a twenty four day West Germany to East Germany tour with a group of talented musicians and singers from Australia.

Christopher is currently writing and recording his latest album and working with his daughter Jasmine Aleisha Richter to produce her next album, due to be released in late 2017.

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Megan Longhurst

Megan Longhurst


Chris Richter, where to even start! I have been lucky enough to work with and learn so much off this man. A man of many talents who has taken on multiple roles to help me forward in my music career – a mentor, co writer, arranger, producer and a great friend, who when needed is always there to call on….literally! Growing up in a rural town and being limited to musical opportunities, I have been one who has really struggled to understand the business side of this industry, and Chris has willingly given his time to share his immense knowledge to where I can now say that I feel confident in myself as an independent artist. Chris is all about bringing your ideas to life, playing a huge role in the development and release of my debut single “Ice Girl”, something that wouldn’t have been possible without him. This is an example of Chris’s passion for his work, and how he is willing to go the extra mile to help aspiring singer songwriters. From a personal point of view I have always found Chris to be professional, genuine and caring, I would recommend him to any musician looking to launch their career.

Tim Orchard

Tim Orchard

Musician, Songrwriter in Brother Fox Band

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working alongside Chris Richter on many musical projects over the past five years. Primarily we worked together on the establishment of a three-piece band called ‘Stars of Thursday’. I approached Chris for guidance when my brother and I first began performing at a number of venues inclusive of local hotels and clubs. Chris’ overall knowledge and support was an integral part in us developing the skills to become both young independent musicians and small business operators. Areas of musicianship Chris helped us develop included the process in applying musical theory to live performance, professional and entertaining showmanship and communication with an audience. Chris was always willing to pass on his vast experience within the industry inclusive of networking, developing touring schedules and festival applications, introducing us to the recording process, live and recording audio engineering skills and monetary management inclusive of accounting, budgeting and invoicing. It was these years working and learning alongside Chris that has allowed my brother and I to continue developing within the industry. We have now formed a Brisbane based band and associated business under the name of ‘Brother Fox’. We now perform at top live music venues in and around Brisbane and have been invited to perform at several major Australian festivals. This would not have been achievable without Chris’ assistance in developing our skill set to run an effective business, self fund and develop profit from the project and most importantly, as Chris has entrenched in us, to always have fun playing our music.

Melanie Dyer

Melanie Dyer


Growing up in a small regional town can be a challenge for a young aspiring musician and songwriter. There are limited venues that provide performance opportunities and very few musical teachers.

When I first became interested in the music industry, Chris Richter was a person who was willing to give his time and share his knowledge and skills, giving me an outlet to develop my talent through guitar lessons, chances to record my originals and to perform.

Chris Richter is a talented and versatile performer and instrumentalist. His energy on stage is contagious and shows his dedication and love for performance. Chris is very skilled in the area of music production. His technical abilities mixed with his song writing skills allow him to create and record demos of high quality. Chris is always willing to nurture our local talent, providing them with outlets to record and opportunities to perform. Chris is often seen accompanying local musicians on stage and also teaching them to learn to play various instruments.

Melanie Dyer was a contestant on The Voice Australia and contributor to The Voice Christmas album 2012.


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