Music producer

I spend so much time creating music for myself, for other artists, producing, writing and recording. If you have a project I would love to check it out or if you need some help. Let me know.

Check out the music links below.

Software development

TECHNOLOGY + COFFEE: Over the last 25+ years I have worked on some amazing projects and developed many awesome products. With a mixture of .NET, PHP, JavaScript and other assortd technologies, there is so much we can do to make life better and technology can often provide the solution.

If you need more technology assistance. Checkout my company. Ricoshae Pty Ltd. This is the company that I run all my web development and education technilogy projects under. If you have a web technology project that needs help or you have ideas an would lik to discuss how you can make technology a reality. Head over to the Ricoshae web site. I would be extremely happy to help out.

Music projects

Empire Between

New project for 2021. 

Germany Tour  2017/2018/2019

Music directour and musician for Germany 2018 tour.

Jasmine Aleisha

Wrote, recorded and produced this song with the vocal talents of my daughter Jasmine Aleisha.  

Dennis Russell

Dennis has some awesome songs with many more in the process of being recorded.  

Megan Longhurst 

Lyrics and melody by the talented Megan Longhurst. Music  produced by me.  

Brother Fox

Recorded and produced the music.  

A reason – songwriter camp 

Writeen and recorded by Chris Richter, Sarah Lavender and Schraubenyeti in Germany. 

Latest tech projects
University of New England Partnerships

Plugin development for their Learning Management System. Creating Moodle plugins for reporting on both assessors and student progress.

Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC)

Course materials conversion to their online platform to deliver some amazing courses in vehicle repairs, servicing and safety.  

TAFE Digital

Assisted in digital resource development and deployement to their learning management system. This included web development, graphic design, CSS and a little HTML5.  

Technology courses
Awesome courses on Moodle development, training, plugins and so much more.  

Need to know some more?

An overview of my music background is available below.