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The Music Experience

Don’t just listen to your favourite artist, Become your favourite artist.  

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This course is a 10 week series that will take you from zero to confident acoustic rhythm guitar player

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Just for you, I have included 10 backing tracks at different tempos that you can practice your new chords along with. Each week you have a new chord pattern to learn and a new track to play along with. Valued at $30 per track – this gives you a bonus $300 value – absolutely free.


When I first became interested in the music industry, Chris Richter was a person who was willing to give his time and share his knowledge and skills, giving me an outlet to develop my talent through guitar lessons, chances to record my originals and to perform.

Mel Dyer

I approached Chris for guidance when my brother and I first began performing at a number of venues inclusive of local hotels and clubs. Chris’ overall knowledge and support was an integral part in us developing the skills to become both young independent musicians and small business operators.

Tim Orchard

Brother Fox

Chris is all about bringing your ideas to life, playing a huge role in the development and release of my debut single “Ice Girl”, something that wouldn’t have been possible without him. This is an example of Chris’s passion for his work, and how he is willing to go the extra mile to help aspiring singer songwriters.

Megan Longhurst


The Music Experience

If you are a songwriter and find it difficult to express how you want your songs to sound because you don’t play a musical instrument then this course is PERFECT for you too. No more waiting around for a musician or missing out on the inspiration that just happened because you don’t have a musician around to play guitar for you. Get the job done yourself.


Freedom to create

Freedom to make it your own



Hours of Student Activity