What started as a dream is about to become reality for seven Australian musicians as they descend on Germany for the Joey’s Oz Music World Tour.

The tour is the brainchild of German born Australian Entrepreneur Heinrich Haussler, who together with musician and music producer Chris Richter has developed what promises to be an experience these musicians will carry with them throughout their careers.

Each artist is a top class performer, has a unique style and breadth of experience across many and varied genres.

These talented musicians will be showcasing artists from around the globe, but the highlight will be the selection of Australian songs the group will be presenting at a number of venues across Germany, France and Luxembourg.

The artists touring Germany in 2017 are Jasmine Richter, Michaela Casey-Ransom, Daniel Lowe, Tom Sanderson and Chris Richter whom all hail from Inverell in NSW.

The group has a passion for music and performing and the chance to do so on an international stage will catapult their musicianship, confidence and self esteem.

Mr Richter says “This will give them (the artists) the opportunity to go overseas, and experience a music tour, while having everything organised for them. The artists will then bring back an amazing collection of photos and video footage that they can use to promote themselves musically and share their experience”. He continued, “This will be something they will tell their grandchildren about”.

Mr Haussler cannot sing their praises highly enough in stating “Audiences will be blown away by the talent of these musicians and will experience a fantastic show that will leave them wanting more”.

The tour is the forerunner to a fully fledged music tour of Germany in 2018.

Joey’s Mini World Cup founder Heinrich Haussler and local musician and producer Chris Richter are taking the five Inverell singers and performers on a partially-subsidised, three-week trip to Europe in July, to perform and grow.

“It all really comes from the Joey’s Mini World Cup, because we had these two years of the music nights, and they were well-received, and it showed me the incredible talent that we have in this town, and around this area,” Heinrich said.
“The idea was born in conjunction in conjunction with Chris Richter – why can’t we help these incredible talent of young musicians, help them in so many ways?”

The team will perform in Germany, France and Luxembourg, for a German/Australian cultural and music evening at Elversberg Town Hall, venues along the Mosel River, in Cottbus, a castle in Freiberg and music evening at Saarbruecken. Chris said the trip abroad will be a launch for the participants who are often limited in opportunities to perform unless they go on the road alone, which can be difficult to organise.

“So, the idea of this is, one, give them the opportunity to go overseas, and experience that, and then have everything organised for them and also and bring back a big collection of photos, videos, footage that they can use to promote, musically, what they do themselves, promote their experience,” he said.

Chris said international performance or recording on a resume, can go a long way to open doors for musicians in their career pursuits, but this initial journey has other priorities.

“Confidence, obviously, is going to be one of the major things that really helps them, but I guess the focus of this in a way is not about building a career for them – they’re looking it as an experience.”

The team of musicians is planning a few Inverell performances to help raise funds for their trip. More information about coming events can be found on the group’s new Facebook page: Official Australia Germany Music Tour Groupies.