Remember that chord? That’s a D Major 7 chord that we learnt. It’s an open D Major 7 chord, it’s a beautiful sounding chord used in lots of Jazz songs. Now what it’d be nice to do is to be able to play that D Major 7 further up the guitar in a different inversion or using bar chords. So I’m going to show you how to play a D Major 7 as a bar chord.

To do that we go up to the fifth fret and if you’re not sure where the fifth fret is have a look at the dots third fret has a dot fifth fret has a dot and so does the seventh actually but we’re going to the fifth fret. Bar your finger first finger all the way across all of the strings so all the way across you then need to add your other three fingers in an interesting shape so let’s do this slowly. Your second finger will go on the sixth fret and on the third string so one two three third string up one two three your third finger will go on the fourth string on the seventh fret and your first finger way down the bottom there I’ll just move it so you can see a bit better your little finger will go on the second string on the seventh fret if you can see that shape.

I’ll put the chord up there as well so you can have a look at the chart to see what that looks like as a proper chord but let’s take that off and put our fingers back on again. First finger on the fifth fret all the way across so you’re barring all the strings and this does take a bit of effort and strength in your hand so it’ll take a bit of a bit of getting used to so first finger
all the way along your second finger then goes on the one two third string up on the sixth fret your third finger will go just above that on the seventh fret so we’re way up on the seventh on the fourth string and your little finger will go on the second string in the seventh fret as well and that’s a D major 7.

So let’s play that through one two three four one two three four one two now take our fingers off one two three now back on again one two three four one two three four. Now it may take you a bit of practice to do that because there’s quite a bit happening in in where you need to put your fingers so do it a bit slow rewind go back again and try that part again if you need to if you’re struggling with getting those fingers on really quickly jump back practice quite a bit first and then come back and have another go and play through it.

So let’s try that again one two three four one two three four one two three take your fingers off one two back on again
one two three four one two three four which sounds just like, very similar to the D Major 7 down here that we learnt
as an open chord D Major 7.

There’s lots of things you can do with the D Major 7 chord especially as an open chord but also as a bar chord. Again hopefully that’s been really helpful to you if you are looking for guitar lessons I have a link down the bottom with some free lessons for you especially for beginners and some intermediate ones coming as well. Follow that link and feel free to join the courses and hopefully I’ll be able to teach you to be an awesome guitarist using some of these D Major 7 chords.