You’ve had a look at a D minor 7 chord and learned how to play D minor 7 as an open chord, meaning that your using open strings down in the first few frets. But you can also learn a D minor 7 chord by playing it as a bar chord or a half bar chord, I’ll explain that as we go further up on the guitar.

To do that if you’re not too familiar with bar chords you will need to learn them it does make it easier if you learn and understand how bar chords work. But I’m just going to show you just straight from the top how to play a D minor 7 as
a bar chord. So D minor 7 down the bottom down on that first two frets looks and sounds like this. But you can also play a D minor 7 up here as a bar chord.

So to do that let’s take our fingers off and we’ll put them on in one time and actually work out what we’re doing. So D minor 7, we go to the fifth fret and if you’re not sure where to find the fifth fret look for the dot on top there’s a dot on the third fret and another dot up on the fifth fret as well. So jump to the fifth fret put your first finger all the way across the whole guitar across all six strings that’s the first step. Then we need to put our first our second finger on the second fret
I called it the second fret we’re gonna put our first finger on the second string in the first fret after the bar, so you can just see there where I’ve put my finger on the second string. We also then add our third finger onto the fourth string in the third fret from the bar so one two three so it’ll be the seventh actually be on the seventh fret. That’s a D minor 7 that’s all it is, it’s only those three fingers. 

So first finger barring on the fifth fret all the way across, second finger goes in the next fret so it’ll be the sixth fret on the second string and the third finger goes on the seventh fret in on the fourth string and that gives us a D minor 7 which sounds similar to a D minor 7 down here but it’s a different what they call inversion.

It will take a bit of practice to jump straight to that chord but a few nice things you can do with the D minor 7. That’s a D minor 7 up to an E minor 7. Let’s try it again put our fingers take your fingers off back on again bar on the fifth fret put your second finger on the second string and that will be in the sixth fret then your third finger will go on the seventh fret on the fourth string and there is our D minor 7.

Play it through, three one two three four one two three four one two three four take your fingers off two back on again one two three four one two three four and there you go that’s a D minor 7 chord as a bar chord which is a bit different to the D minor 7 open chord but now you’ve learned two different ways of playing the D minor 7.

If you’d like to learn more about guitar learn some guitar lessons I’ve got some free lessons available down the bottom
for you and a link there otherwise good luck with your guitar playing and hopefully I’ll be able to teach you heaps more about guitar and you’ll be able to learn to play some amazing guitar. I’ll talk to you soon.