Here is a really nice sounding chord, a D minor 7. You may have looked at other chords or you may be able to play a D minor chord and just to refresh you on a D minor this is what a D minor sounds like which is a really nice sounding chord. But a D minor chord can be played with your first finger on the first string in the first fret, your second finger goes in the second fret and it goes on the third string and then your third finger goes on the second string in the third fret and that’s how we play a D minor chord, which is that really nice D minor sound. But, if we want to change that to a D minor 7 we need to make one slight change and the first part of that is to take your third finger off we don’t need that and then you need to move your first finger to bar or sort of half bar across the first and second strings in the first fret. So to replace the D minor with the D minor 7 we put our first finger across the two strings and then we put our second finger back in the second fret again but on the third string and this is a D minor 7 which sounds really nice.

So take your fingers off, we’ll put them back on again see if we can play it. First finger on the first and second strings and your second finger that’s in the first fret then your second finger goes on the third string in the second fret and only play the strings from the fourth string down to the first string so if you look at the right hand we’re just playing one two three four strings. We’ll count it and we’ll play through here we go one two three four one two three four or if you’re strumming
two three you can also again one two three four one two three four fingers off and back on again first finger across the two strings in the first fret strings one and two second finger on the second fret third string one two three four one two three four one two three four.

That’s a D minor 7 chord hopefully you’ll be able to use that in heaps of music. It’s a really good opportunity for D minor 7
they sound really nice. So if you’d like to learn more about guitar I’ll put a link down to some free lessons for you as well and I’ve got some other courses on guitar that will hopefully teach you to become an awesome musician. Talk to you soon.