Welcome back again my name is Chris Richter and you’ve already learned an A minor 7, I taught you that in a previous video which Ill put a link down the bottom for you. That was our A minor 7 as an open chord but you can also play an A minor 7 as a bar chord and there’s a few ways to play it, I’ll teach you the easiest way.

This is A minor 7, as a bar chord an A minor 7 is played on the fifth fret and a bar chord meaning that you have one finger that goes right across all the strings. So to play A minor 7 as a bar chord is your first finger up on the fifth fret if you’re not sure where the fifth fret is have a look at the dots along the top and you’ll see there’s a dot for the third fret and then a dot for the fifth fret. So first finger all the way up to the fifth fret then the next step is to put your third finger on the seventh fret on the fifth string and that was it, there is no more. You can add other fingers in other spots too but we’re just gonna learn the basic really easy minor 7 A minor 7 chord.

So let’s try that again fingers off first finger bar all the way across all the strings on the fifth fret then take your third finger, this one here, it’s your third finger place that on the seventh fret, so it’ll be the next dot up on the fifth string and here you have now an A minor 7 which sounds similar to and A minor 7 down here. So if you practice a bit you can jump between the two.

Take them off again, let’s find that chord again and then we’ll strum here we go. First finger on the fifth fret bar all the way along second finger goes on the fifth string on the seventh fret and we’ll count this is A minor 7 one two three four one two three four one two three four take your fingers off two three four back on again one two three four one two three
four and there you go, you’ve now learnt an A minor 7 as a bar chord shape in a different part of the guitar. So you now know two A minor 7 chords or two different ways or versions or inversions of playing an A minor 7 chord.

Hope that’s helped you out and if you’d like to learn more about guitar I have a link down the bottom for some free lessons as well as some other guitar courses and hopefully we’ll see you in some of those courses in the future. Talk to you soon.