This next chord that we’re going to look at is an A minor 7 chord and it’s an A minor with a little bit of extra flavour
added to it. So to do that we need to learn what an A minor is so hopefully you remember an A minor chord.

An A minor chord is your first finger on the second string in the first fret your second finger in the second fret on the fourth string and your third finger on the third string in the second fret as well and that’s our A minor chord or our
A minor shape, which is already a nice sounding chord. To make that into an A minor 7 all we need to do is simply take off our third finger and that’s all you have to do so we’ve gone from A minor to A minor 7. 

Here’s the difference. It’s only a very slight difference and what we’re doing it’s an A minor 7 is actually the seventh is what that class as a dominant seventh note, so it’s not the seventh in the scale, it’s a flattened seventh so if you do know anything about your scales you can have a look at that and see what a dominant seventh actually means. That’s an A minor to an A minor 7 and a couple of things you can do with A minor sevens that sound really nice, just to add to it a bit for you you can play and just slide those two fingers up keep playing the A minor bass note.

That’s A minor 7, one more go at that. Let’s put our fingers on completely from scratch, into an A minor 7, first finger second string in the first fret second finger on the fourth string in the second fret and there we have an A minor. We’ll play it, I’ll count and we’ll play it through. Here we go one two three four one two three four one two three four pretty easy.

My name is Chris Richter and hopefully that’s helped you with your guitar playing. If you’d like to learn more I’ll put a link down the bottom for some lessons for you. There’s some free lessons you can do otherwise I’ve got a few guitar courses that will teach you how to play guitar even better. Talk to you soon