In this fingerpicking pattern, I will take you through the chords D, G and A.  This pattern also uses 4/4 but we will count this as 1,2,3,4.

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We’re now going to look at your first finger picking exercise and finger picking is obviously where you use your right hand
to pick individual strings rather than strum with your fingers or strum with a pick and to do finger picking you need to get used to your right hand and the position that it is on the guitar. The first thing we’re going to start with is using our thumb for the top three strings so that’s for strings four five and six that’s the thick heavier strings. Your other three fingers will all sit inside or first of all your third finger below if you can have a look in there nice and close you can see that my third finger this finger here is going to be just below the first string my next finger tucks in between the two and then the next finger tucks in between those two and you play all of them at the same time.

So this is what we’re going to do for our first exercise play them all together so you’ll play the thumb and then all three fingers together. So have a go that, we’re going to count one two three four one with the thumb two three four thumb two three four now you don’t need to have any chords over here at the moment we’re not worried about that we’re just getting used to where you need to put your fingers for picking and to do this exercise.

So try again your thumb playing on the D string which is the fourth string and your other three fingers tucked in together one under each string and then you pull it back towards you or back up in that direction and your thumb pushes down so your thumb down fingers back up. So it’ll sound like this one two three four one two three four.

Once we get used to this we can then start doing some more interesting picking or finger picking. So let’s have a go we’re going to use the chords D and it’s a go D then G then A and then back to D. So to do this with our with our fingers and so we’re going to pick these we’re going to play for the D chord we’ll play the fourth string which is a D note with our thumb one two three four then when we change to the G chord which is our next chord we change to G and we’re going to play a G note with our thumb so that means we play the low sixth string on the third fret which we already have there you can see there with the G chord and still the same three fingers two three four and then the next chord is A so we switch to A and this time we’re playing the fifth string which is an A note so we go one two three four and then we’re back again to our D chord with our thumb on the fourth string so one two three four.

Let’s do this again slowly on D we play the fourth string with our thumb one then pull the other up three times of the three fingers the G we change to the sixth string one two three four. A we use the thumb on the fifth string one two three four and then back to a D thumb on the fourth one two three four.

If you need to pause and just go through that a few times first do that and now I’m going to count for you we’ll do it at a slow tempo and we’ll count through and play D G A D using that finger picking style here we go one two three four one two three four G two three four A two three four D two three four. How’d you go with that? Remember thumb starts on the D string on the fourth string then it jumps down to the sixth string to play G then to the fifth string to play A with the A chord and then back to the fourth string to play D again remembering that your other three fingers all tuck in underneath and pull upwards. You don’t have to pull it really hard just gently enough to get the sound from the guitar making sure obviously that your fingers are doing the chords correctly because this really makes it stand out if you don’t.

Let’s try it again one two three four D two three four G two three four A two three four D two three four and again D two three four G two three four A two three four D two three four. Now when we go through this we’re obviously going to
have a go using the practice tracks with this we’ll start off with a slow tempo and slowly increase the tempo of the practice tracks for you so that you can try it out slowly as you get faster you’ll be able to increase the tempo. One last time and  then you can go on to try it with the practice tracks here we go. One two three four D two three four G two three four A two three four D two three four D two three four G two three four A two three four D two three four.