In this fingerpicking pattern, I take you through the chords C, Am, Em and F.  This pattern uses 3/4. This means you will count 1,2,3 when playing through the pattern. The fingers you will use are Thumb, third, then 2,3 and 4 all at the same time. .

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We’re now going to look at an arpeggio or a finger picking pattern that is in three four. Instead of counting in groups of four or groups of eight we’re going to count in groups of three, so one two three. You’ll soon very quickly understand the sound and the type of music that this might fit into.

The chords we’re going to use are C A minor E minor and F and when we count it in three four we’re
going to use our thumb for one and then we’re going to use all three fingers for beats two and beats three. So it’ll be all three fingers so thumb first starting on C because it’s a C you should be getting used to that bass note. There’s a C bass note play with the thumb on C and then we follow that with the three fingers playing all three together so it will be
one two three one two three. We’re playing a C chord so just be careful on that note there that you don’t accidentally touch that string below you need that to just reach around so curve your wrist a bit more if you need to.

Here we go again one two three one two three so we’ll play that pattern through twice and then we’ll change chords.
Here we go one two on a C chord now an A minor now just a thing with the A minor is your thumb plays the A note because it’s an A minor which is on the fifth string so one two three one two three then we go to E minor and E minor we’re using the E bass note one two three one two three and then for F we’re using the sixth string as well because because that’s an F note we’re using a bar chord here you’ve learnt your bar chords this is the only bar chord we need to do in this particular pattern and this will really test out how good you are at doing your bar chords. On an F chord
so you really need to hold that nice and tight to get those notes down the bottom there. Let’s try it nice and slow starting on C one two three one two three one two three down to A or A minor one two three E minor using the sixth string
then the F bar chord.

You can see there need to hold it really tight to make that work let’s play through again. One two three one two
three C chord A minor one two three one two E minor on the sixth string with the thumb one two three one two three
one two three one two three one two three.

Should we try it again? Last time through and remember you can practice these with the practice tracks at the end of this as well at different tempos. Here we go one two three C A minor A minor E minor then that F back to a C chord again. There we go that’s the three four finger picking exercise that we’re going to do again have a go at those through with the practice tracks and see how you go.