This is one of the nicest chords that I thought I would teach you today and this is a D major 7 chord. So you already know
and I’m hoping you already know how to play a D chord, that’s our D chord just there. We’ve also got a D7 chord which sounds like that. Both of those are those they’re the arrow chords that point arrow pointing that way D7 is an arrow pointing the other way with your fingers that’s the shape. So that one’s nice and simple.

But a D major 7 chord it’s a little bit different. If you remember your D major scale for those that know their D major scale, D E F# G A B C# and D. We have in there a C# which is the seventh note so if we count those notes through D E F# G A B C# that’s seven notes. That’s our C# note so D major 7 has a C# note in it. 

If we look at our guitar we’ve got B C and C#. So that’s the note we’re trying to add into our D chord to make it a D major 7 and that’s all we have to do. So we’ve gone from D to D major 7. So the fingering for that it is a really easy chord isn’t it
is to put your first finger on the second fret cover the first second and third strings each one of those and then when you play only play the bottom four strings. So the open D note and strings one two and three so strings one two three four that’s all you need to play and that’s a D major 7 chord which is a really nice sounding chord. How’s that for an
easy chord to play?

If you like you can play a D chord to D major 7, D 7 G, that’s G minor if you’re wondering what that is back to D D major 7
D 7 and back to a G. So D major 7 really really nice sounding chord.

Hope you found that useful if you’d like to learn some more about guitar or get some guitar lessons I’ll have a link down the bottom for you with some free lessons to teach you about how to play guitar.