Hello my name is Chris Richter and I’m going to take you through the process of learning the notes on the guitar.

There are five steps five easy steps to learn that will take you through what the notes are and how to remember what those notes are and the first one is quite simple. Step number one is to learn how to tune your guitar. If you don’t know how to do that go back to a tutorial I’ll put a link at the bottom for you on how to tune a guitar learn that first and then already you will know a good part of what you need to do to learn about the notes on the guitar what they are.

Now the notes on the guitar are just the way they name the different strings based on the musical alphabet which is the
letters A to G, A B C D E F G and on a guitar with standard tuning those notes will be E for the sixth string, so we number our strings one is the thinnest string to E the sixth string and the letters are E string number six the fifth string is A then we have D then G is the third string B is the second string and then E is the first string. So a very easy thing to remember is both strings on either end are both E and being a dad I just remember every afternoon dad goes bananas, E A D G B there’s heaps of different ways of remembering those particular notes on the guitar. But learn how to tune a guitar and that will teach you those notes in standard tuning so E A D G B and E.

Now when you learn to tune the guitar you’ll also learn that if you put your finger on the fifth fret on the sixth string and play that note there it helps you tune the next open string. So those two strings or that note should sound the same. That note is the same as this note so what that actually means is that if you already know that the fifth string is A then by putting your finger on the fifth fret on the sixth string and playing that note, which should sound the same, those two, that you are learning that this note here is an A note. So the sixth string on the fifth fret is an A note same as the open string on the fifth string. So by learning that when you’re tuning your guitar you’re already starting to learn not just have you learnt the six notes or the six open strings but you will by tuning by learning how to tune you will have learnt the notes on the fifth fret which is if we start from here we’re starting in A, remember our E A D G B E, well we’ve got E A D G B
E and notice I went back one fret for the G string when you’re tuning a guitar you always jump back one fret on the third string to tune those two.

So remembering our notes again E A D G B E, every afternoon dad goes bananas E is our open string then A D G B E. So that’s the first step to learning. The second step that we’re going to cover is to learn the notes on the lowest two strings so the sixth and the fifth string and you just have to learn these just actually learn them by memory. Once you’ve learnt those learning them will make it easier to learn the rest of the guitar.

Here we go we’ve got our E string or our E note the first fret is F the third fret is G notice or remember that there are dots
on the guitar. Have a close look there are some dots there and they are on the third and the fifth fret so you can see there third and fifth fret, so they help you learn E F G and then up to A which you’d already learnt. So if you can memorise E F G and A then you’re already again part way there this is the second second section or second stage of learning the notes and as part of this learn the fifth string as well and the notes on the fifth string are A B C and D which is your tuning note. So we now have E F G A and then A B C and D. So just go through them again E F on the first fret G on the third fret A is the fifth fret and that’s our tuning note to tune the next string so it’s the same it’s an A. Then we have B which is on the second fret on the fifth string C which is the third fret on the fifth string and then our tuning note D same as the open D string and there’s our D.

So again memorise you’ll have to memorize this bit E F G A A B C D so we’re getting through it really quickly. The third thing to learn is that you already know the notes on this string the thin string because you’ve learnt E F G A it’s exactly the same because this is an E string. So it is E F on the first fret G on the third fret A on the fifth fret E F G A. So we’ve now learnt this part E F G A, A B C D and then we’ve also learnt because that’s an E string and that’s an E string E F G and A.
Okay that was part three.

Part four I have it in my notes is to learn octaves. What an octave is is the same sounding note but one octave high or eight notes higher. So to do that on guitar it doesn’t work for every string so it’ll only work on the lower strings here but if we for example we play an F note which is our first fret we know that now. We’ve got our F if we go up two frets and down two strings so from that note up two frets down two strings that is also an F as well. So by learning this F we know this is F, by learning that this is G which we’ve learned G is the third third fret sixth string if we go up two frets and down two strings that is a G. If we slide up even further we go A an A note is the fifth fret on the sixth string we go up two frets down two strings that’s an A note. So what this means is we’ve just learned the notes on the D string because if we have an open E we go up two frets down two strings there’s E so we’ve got E E, F there’s F, G there’s G A there’s A.

Now even further than that to learn the notes on the third string we know that that’s A on the fifth string if we go up two frets down two strings there’s an A as well. So we’ve now learnt that there’s A, there’s A. We know that the second fret on the fifth string is B so just go up two strings up two frets down two strings there is a B. So that’s B and that’s B. We can go up to our C note which we know that from learning the strings the notes on the fifth string, we now have C go up two two frets down two strings there’s a C, slide that up and we’ve got D. So what you’ve just learnt in those four steps are the notes E F G A A B C D, D E F G we learnt those because they’re octaves remember to the first string and we’ve also learnt A B C D because they’re all octaves again.

So the only string left and this is step number five the only string left is to learn the notes on the B string which are just a little bit different just memorise them. B C is the first fret D is the third fret and E which is our tuning note which you already knew for tuning the E string, that’s a little bit out there, so we’ve got B C D and E.

So from those five steps you’ve now learned E F G A A B C D D E F G G A B C B C D E and E F G A. Now if you found that a little bit confusing go right back to the start learn how to tune the guitar, learn the notes on the lowest two strings, learn how to do octaves, so you know that F and F are the same note or an octave higher and then learn the notes on the B string and they’re your five steps to learning all the notes on the bottom five frets of the guitar.

I hope that’s been a help to you. If you’d like to learn how to play guitar I’ll put a link down the bottom for you I’ve got some free guitar lessons feel free to jump in have a look at those try them out and I hope to see you in the next video.