And that will do for you. See if you can guess what that song was. Yes, it’s an Australian song, it’s from probably around the 80s.

But while you’re trying to think about what that song’s about it’s story time with Chris and today’s story is to tell you about a trip that I went on and from Australia this was a big long trip it was actually a heck of a long way away. We took a group of musicians over to Germany for a music tour and on that tour we obviously got to do lots of things we played a lot of different places and lots of venues all that type of thing. But, one of the important things that we did or one of the big events or opportunities that happened on that trip was we got to play on a on a river cruise ship and this is one of the boats that takes people on you know cruises up and down the river and this is actually the Mosel river which is in Germany next to a place called Beilstein that we stayed at and on this trip as the story happened we we were invited to go and play on this cruise and we thought awesome yep let’s do this.

We had a band with a trombone player we had three singers three vocalists with us, four actually because we had a sax player as well that sang and played guitar. We had keyboard, we had a drummer, bass player, a decent size band and they asked us to come on this cruise and we hadn’t actually been on one of these ships before we had no idea what was going to happen but we thought let’s give it a go this this will be cool see what happens.

So we arrived at a place called Cochem which is just up the road from Beilstein and we get on this cruise ship we bring all our gear with us we’ve got a small PA and everything that’s all goes up on the boat, loaded everything on there and they said here’s your spot that you’re gonna you’re gonna be set up so we set up up on the top deck up out in the open which is really good and before we started they said can you start now before the boat leaves because that will hopefully attract more people to come on the cruise and it was a I think it was about a four hour cruise that we were going on up the Mosel river.

So we started playing and we pointed the speakers actually back out towards the town to where people were waiting and there was people who actually did get on the boat they heard the music and thought and this is something different. I’m not sure what country those people are from that are playing but they’ve got an interesting accent and so people piled onto this boat and off we went on this cruise and it went from late afternoon into the night so by the end of the show where actually it was completely dark it was getting reasonably late I guess and one of the things that happened which
we were a bit surprised about I should tell you the other part of the story is that once the boat left it didn’t stop anywhere it just did the cruise up the river for dinner, drinks and then back again and nobody could get off so anyone that didn’t like what we were playing was pretty much we had a captive audience they were stuck there. So that was a really good bonus and it was a lot of fun to do that.

But towards the end of the cruise the boat came back towards the town and in that particular town at Cochem there’s a castle right at the top of this hill it’s amazing looking castle and it’s worth a trip to go there and just have a look through the castle. But as we got back towards the town the boat sort of slowed down, the cruise ship slowed down and fireworks started and we were we’re actually playing what we thought was our last song, I said we’re gonna have to finish up soon.
So we were playing and then you know this the fireworks starting we thought oh the fireworks are still going it went on forever so we thought we’ll go into another song so we just continued on to a second song and and kept going and then we thought we’d drag the song out you know with an extra a couple of instrumentals and things and thought we’re gonna have to end this one soon because it’s been playing this for a long time. So we went okay let’s stop so we counted it in here we go da da da and we as we stopped the last firework went bang and that was the end of the fireworks. Got it all on video, it’s actually awesome thing to be involved in. But we couldn’t believe the timing of it it worked out perfectly and then then they turned the boat around and we headed back to get off the boat and they asked us to play just some quiet music because as you’re coming back into the town late at night they didn’t want loud music especially coming from one of the one of the boats. So we just played some quiet song and then suddenly the boat started doing this 360s just slowly spinning around to this nice I can’t remember what song it was now, I remember Kobe was singing I can’t remember the song but someone will remind me of what that was and and that was the end of our cruise that we went on while we were over in Germany with the music tour that we went on.

Now the reason I tell you about this is because that actual activity that opportunity that we got to do that only happened because a whole heap of other things happened before that that we decided that we would do and a lot of the time we get opportunities and we think should I or shouldn’t I do this and you think of all the negative things and that the reasons why you probably shouldn’t go about doing that and and I look at that with the with the music tour in Germany there’s a lot of things that we had to do there was all these say expenses was as part of it but all these things we had to organize like the equipment, the the lighting, sound, rehearsing with everybody all of that had to happen and we had to try and organise all of that obviously prior to the tour, before we go and you sort of think wow there’s a lot that has to be done
is is this the right decision to go and do that and this is something that comes up with a lot of opportunities where you you weigh the pros and the cons and then for some reason you think oh maybe that’s just not a good idea to do it and in some cases you’re right, some things aren’t worth doing they are the wrong thing to do, but in a lot of cases there’s a lot of other hidden benefits like that one experience of going on that cruise and doing that nighttime cruise down this river in Germany was an amazing experience.

So a couple of things couple of takeaways from that is that when opportunities come up yes weigh the pros and cons of the immediate issues but then also look at what all the other benefits are out of that. We got to meet some amazing people we got to experience something that you know is quite unique and not a lot of musicians get to do that or get to experience them. So there’s all of these other amazing things that can happen from saying yes, I’ll give that opportunity a go and that’s probably the biggest takeaway from this is instead of looking at it as a what are all the problems, look at what are all the opportunities that you could get out of out of this event or out of this. You know whatever it is that’s been given to you to to have a go at and the other side of it too that I really like to mention is that instead of just waiting for opportunities to come because this particular trip to Germany that we planned wasn’t just you know handed to you
and said here’s the trip come on the trip we actually organized everything from from zero and sort of said what can we do how can we make this happen.

So you can make your own opportunities just as much as you can take other opportunities that people provide as well. So always look at them from all of the other benefits and things that you can get from them as well. Now the thing that I always say is music really happens when you share it with other music musicians not just with the audience so although
we benefited so much from performing in front of an audience and the audience loved it they had a great time as well
we got to spend time with all these different musicians and meet new musicians and perform with new musicians as well so all of that is part of that whole package of opportunity that you get to have when you say yes I’ll give that a go and you take on that opportunity.

So finally don’t just listen to your favourite music, create your favourite music and if you do want to create your favourite music and need to learn how to do that I’ve got some free guitar lessons I’ll put a link down the bottom there for you
you can grab those they’re free very for beginners so if you’re just starting out and you want to have a go at learning how to play and then go on to experience some amazing stuff amazing opportunities then yeah grab hold of those free lessons.

And the last thing is if you’re interested in Australian music we have a podcast called Hidden Talent, I’ll put a link there for you as well. Hidden Talent is where we interview some amazing talented singer-songwriters in Australia. You’ll get to hear a lot about them about their stories about their writing what they’ve written and and obviously you know learn about their music and get to listen to some of their music as well so have a listen to Hidden Talent and I’m Chris Richter this has been story time with Chris. I’ll talk to you again very soon.