No one likes to seem stupid. Yet we often do stupid things. At least I seem to anyway. I don’t know if it is that I don’t think before I talk or because I am thinking of something else while I am talking or even because I’m too busy listening in on another conversation while I’m talking and don’t take any notice of what I’m saying.
But, I often have these great ideas. I tell my wife, many times a day, ‘I have this great idea’.
She patiently listens, nods, then goes on with what she is doing. So I ask, ‘was that a good idea or not?’.
‘I don’t know, why don’t you try it and see what happens’.

95% of the time she knows I’ll get distracted and move on to do something else.
But every now and then I’m sure I see this look that suggests maybe this one is a good idea.

So I had this idea to record a live band on Saturday and release the music and videos on Sunday, all 10 songs.
My wife probably said ‘why don’t you try it’.
So this time I did.
Well I have to say, I was pretty happy with how it turned out.

But in discussion with a musician friend of mine. We did think there are some areas we can improve on.
In Tim’s words.

‘You get better by recording because it’s a forever thing’.

And this is so true. If you have a go at something – I mean , actually do it, and record it as well, you seem to suddenly become better at it.
Why? Because now that you know it could be permanently on the internet, for everyone to see (and constructively criticize) suddenly you really want to get it right
Psychologically your brain works harder, you make less mistakes and you get better at things. Very quickly.
So what did I learn today?

You will get better at things if you actually do them – instead of just talking about doing them. Video, post and learn from what you did because nobody wants to sound stupid – Twice.
At least I don’t want everyone to notice I did the same mistake, again, and again.

Mmm – I had this other idea that is really awesome. I’ll talk about it next time.