Here we go this is our challenge, we’ve got to learn five chords in five minutes. We’ll see if I can teach you all five chords, they’re basic chords they’re for beginners and hopefully you’ll find it really simple. My name is Chris Richter and
our time starts now.

Our five chords are going to be G, E minor, A minor, C and a D7 chord so they’re the five chords that we’re about to learn a couple of things you need to know before we actually go into learning the chords the first one is on the guitar the thin string this one down here is an E string it is called string number one and then we count all the way up to the thick string
which is string number six so I’ve got string one string six next thing to learn these are frets we have fret number one
two three four and five so we need to remember that and the last part is on your left hand your fingers will be called thumb finger one two three and four. So if you’ve got those three things down we can get on with learning these chords.
Our G chord which is chord number one we put our second finger on the sixth string on the third fret right up the top here back one fret from that on the fifth string we put our first finger so they’re our first two fingers that we need for a G chord and our third finger stretches all the way down way down here to the third fret on the first string there’s our G chord. That’s chord number one G.

Here we go for chord number two all you need to do is slide your second finger back one back one fret move it down one string and add your third finger and this becomes E minor. There we go chord number two already that was quick.

Chord number three is A minor to get to A minor all we need to do is move those two fingers down a string each and add your first finger have a close look add your first finger onto the second string in the first fret and this is A minor that’s chord number three A minor.

Chord number four is a C chord we only need to move one finger to do this take your third finger lift it off move it up to the third fret onto the fifth string and we have a C chord. Chord number four C chord. 

Chord number five is a D7 to go to D7 keep your first finger where it is take the other fingers off and put your second and third fingers either side meaning on strings three and strings one or on strings one and strings three either way of your first finger so one finger either side both in the second fret as well and we now have a D7 chord. That’s chord number five.

So there’s our first five chords one two three four five. G, E minor, A minor, C and D7 I’ll play them through again for you and see we can fit that into our five minutes five chords in five minutes. G chord third second finger third fret sixth string
your next finger goes on the second fret on the fifth string your third finger goes right down on the first string in the third fret there’s G. To get to E minor we slide our second finger back one fret and go down a string add your third finger to the string below that there’s E minor. To go to A minor we move them both down a string each add our first finger on the first fret second string there’s A minor. We then move our third finger up to the third fret on the fifth string there’s a C chord and then the final chord chord number five is our D7 keep your first finger on move the other two fingers so that they’re one either side it should look like an arrow pointing that way so if you have a look at that it’s like a bit of an arrow pointing
towards the head of the guitar and there’s D7 and we’re back to G So if I play them all through for you G, E minor, A minor, C, D7 and there you go in under five minutes your first five chords G chord E minor chord A minor chord C chord and a D7 chord and we fitted that all in in our five minute gap.

Hopefully you’ve been able to follow that and that that’s been really useful to you. If you need to rewind and go a bit slower feel free to do that but if you’d like to learn how to play guitar I’ve got some free lessons for you as well have a look down the bottom and I will show you those free lessons you can try it out for yourself and see how you go and hopefully learn to play guitar really quickly in a little bit more than five minutes.